Linlithgow Canal Centre:

e-Booking System

Bookable Cruises

Public cruises, of the type selected: Avon Aqueduct, Falkirk Wheel or other Cruises, available for advance booking. Town Boat Trips continue to be offered on a "first come, first served" basis and can not be booked in advance.

The number of bookable places currently available on each cruise is listed. Click on the relevant "Book" link to make a booking.

If a cruise is listed as Full then there are no bookable places available on that cruise.

If a cruise is listed as Short then there may still be places available (see under "Bookable Places") but on-line booking is not possible at short notice. If you just turn up in good time on the day you might be able to join the cruise, if there are still places left.

If an Avon Aqueduct Cruise is listed as Turn Up then there will be places reserved for "Turn up and Go" passengers but the places available for on-line booking have all been sold. The "Turn up and Go" places are sold in the Canal Museum on a "first come, first served" basis on the day of the cruise.

No Cruises Available

Sorry, there are currently no available cruises of this type